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The world has become a global village through globalisation and we communicate with each other like never before, yet the cultural differences still play a significant role when it comes to communication and business collaboration across cultures. The different worldviews, life values and symbolic meanings cannot be underestimated when interacting with foreign partners or communicating interculturally in general. Therefore, the need for clear and solid communicative tools is very important and relevant.

Sam’s Consult focuses on prioritising and emphasising on the cultural differences, which can be crucial in the way we relate, communicate and understand each other. Cultural related issues can also determine whether your organisation is successful or not in your global business operations. Secondly, it is about turning cultural differences into opportunities, and benefiting from our differences. With Sams Consult, you are sure to gain knowledge on Socio-cultural understanding of Africa and intercultural communication in general.

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Do you know that companies with the most diverse leadership earn an average of 12.6 percentage points more than companies with the lowest diversity in leadership? At the same time, the most diverse companies earn an average of 5.7 percentage points more than their competitors.