Why Project Africa

Why Project Africa?

  • To increase global knowledge and understanding of other ethnic groups and
    Their cultural ethics
  • In order to highlight internationalisation, which concerns cultural
    Change and recognition of other
  • To learn about other people and engage in their vision of life
    Stimulates the mind and allows for innovative thinking/innovation
  • Because studying other cultures is exciting and promotes
  • Because the study of a anderl edes culture prevents prejudices and
    Discrimination and promotes divergent thinking
  • And last but not least: hear about African culture told by Africans

Why Africa?

    Africa's learning is very relevant and topical, as Africa has become a continent of opportunity. Africa is with its approx. 1.2 billion Inhabitants of a rapid development-the fastest growing continent in the world. The population base is large and the middle class is growing. Several countries and regions in Africa are now present as very interesting and relevant