The primary goal and vision

The primary objective

  • To give the Skoleeleven the opportunity to learn more about a side of Africa that
    Most people know very little about.
  • To promote knowledge of Africa by challenging stereotyped attitudes towards
    and perceptions of Africa.
  • To create a basis for the development of a learning-oriented and reflexive
    Professional culture in education.
  • Creating more understanding of diversity and diversity
  • To help create knowledge about the cultural encounter, the shock of culture and
    The challenges between cultures.


The scheme applies to municipal and private schools.
Our main target group is all-children and young people in primary and
Secondary education and adults.


Our workshops consist of content that aims to increase global knowledge and understanding of other ethnic groups and cultures. Furthermore, the lecture can help to create an understanding of diversity and diversity, while at the same time allowing them to learn Africa from an angle that many people may not know about.