School Project Africa

Project Africa

Project Africa is an initiative that your school can avail of. Project Africa with "The Africa You don't Know" is an offer that can complement your knowledge and provide further insight into and understanding the current situation in Africa. Furthermore, it helps to provide insight into some of the opportunities that Africa poses for Danes.

Project Africa is about a meeting with Africa and with African cultures and social conditions – mediated by Africans. We create a platform where it is Africans that convey African culture and intercultural understanding through cooking and dissemination based on various topical topics. We do this (guest lecturers) through presentations, workshops, seminars and intercultural events at the school. A good, creative and innovative learning activity with the pupil in the centre.


"… A fantastic and different kind of teaching that the students had a great deal of benefit from and continue to remember back on. First of all, it was clearly marked at Kelvin Sam, where he was dedicated to his project. He was and is a skilful intermediary and managed to reach out with his message, which was to get rid of our simplistic ideas of Africa, which the media often fills us with. Africa contains much more than what we immediately see and hear. I highly recommend a visit by Kelvin Sam ". Janie Madsen, teacher at Gudum Holm School

Students say…:
"We've got a different view of Africa"
"Good to get rid of our impressions of stereotypes"
"Kelvin had a good way to explain things well. "Come out" to us with his message ".
"A good idea with a kahoot so we can listen to what is being said."

Purpose and relevance

"The Africa You do not know" is a project that aims to support the development of global education in primary and secondary schools. Following on from this, the initiative supports the purpose of the primary school law to give the students "understanding of other countries and cultures". Furthermore, "The Africa You don't Know" will live up to school management's vision that "all students must have the courage to participate in the world."


Different workshops are offered for different classes in various topics. For the workshops, there is a focus on articulating issues relevant to a Danish pupil. For this specific reason it is relevant to "The Africa you do not know". We can help to meet the UN's 17 verdensmål. We can give teachers in primary and secondary schools the opportunity to give their teaching a global perspective


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