africa, seen with economic spectacles, is the World's fastest growing Continent. It is a continent that is well in the process of developing innovative mobile communications, but at the same time lagging behind in terms of stable and efficient energy sources. In addition, it is a continent where most residents work in the country where they live, making it an exciting continent for automated and agricultural machinery, as it already mostly works by Hand. Africa has a target to be as much self-sufficient as possible and therefore there are good opportunities for foreign investors to do good business while helping the African population to develop.
There has also been an expansion of the middle class in africa, which will also raise awareness of foreign investors, as there is now more money to trade and Invest. There are many benefits to business in Africa but here we have made a short list of five benefits of Africa.

1. World's Fastest Growing continent

With their 54 states, Africa has become the World's fastest growing Continent. This shows countries like ethiopia, Ghana and Côte d'ivoire, all of which 3 are expected to be among the 5 most growing economies in 2017, seen Worldwide. These are increases which European countries and more Asian countries cannot keep up with, which in itself makes Africa an interesting continent to invest IN. As political unrest and instability in several African countries, many of them have managed to turn the political situation to the Better. Several government projects such as the A high-speed train from Dakar to the neighbouring Senegal airport has helped to stabilise the economy while maintaining interest in foreign investors. In addition to Ghana, Côte d'ivoire and ethiopia, Senegal, Kenya and Tanzania are also expected to be among the most growing African economies in 2017.

2. Telecommunications

1 out of 10 mobile phone subscribers on a global basis are available in Sub-Sahara.
The economic rises in several of the African countries have led to an increasing interest in mobile phones and technology, which has attracted several mobile operators to the Continent. At the same time, this has created great competition and gave new hope and life to innovative companies and Projects. For example, The'm-Pesa ' which serves as Kenya's mobile payment system (Mobilepay) has been in the air since 2007 and has helped Around. 3% Kenyans out of extreme poverty due to its independence from the Banks.

3. Power Plant Projects

Every year, Africa attracts thousands of projects or start-ups, which together with the companies already established, are highly dependent on a stable, efficient and reliable source of energy. unfortunately, this has become one of the major problems in the Continent. Several African companies identify numerous and consistent power cuts, which of course characterise the quality and output of Companies. That is why the "power plant" itself is an interesting sector for external investors who can offer stable energy sources for the African Continent.

4. Agricultural and food sector

The Farm-and food sector in Africa needs development in order to be able to follow the global level. More and even most places on the continent, agriculture is driven by hand and the need for foreign technology and know-how has become bigger and bigger. This creates an interesting picture for Danish manufacturers of automated agricultural machinery, as well as manufacturers of machines for processing the food produced in Africa. Since the majority of African inhabitants live in the countryside and are also dependent on the land they live on, it is important for both Africans and foreign investors that there is an improvement in this Sector.

5. Growing middle class in Africa

The combination of a growing middle class, economic growth and increased political stability are the recipe for talking about a rapidly evolving continent. Political stability will clearly be in the driver's seat when it talks about attracting foreign investors to Africa. This is, as I have said, a positive development on the whole continent, but if we want to keep the attention of the countries in Africa in the future, then stability must be the Same. The growing middle class in Africa continues to develop, giving them a greater deal and purchasing power, whether it is cooperation with African companies or sales to private consumers in Africa. This helps to create continued economic growth in africa, while increasing the number of Africans who are getting their eyes on European and not least Danish Quality.

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