Africa's Growth in November

5 things You Need to Know About Africa's Growth in November

Regardless of the challenges the African continent meets, the economic lions located there are continuing to grow and move forward. After registering bad crucial declines 2016, 2017 is the year of economic rebound and grow. Here we have picked out 5 highlights about African growth you should be aware of in November.

In Sub-Sahara Africa growth ratio is increasing and is forecasted to reach 2.6% by the end of 2017, while in 2016 the number was 1.4% as the International Monetary Fund has stated in the latest report for Regional Economic Outlook for Sub-Sahara Africa.

Further in time, this growth is expected to exceed 3.4% although, in 2018 challenging factors like increase in public debt and low international reserves and would be present.
According to IMF "policies to promote diversification can help support growth when supported by policies to enhance macroeconomic stability, improve education outcomes, Bolsterbjerg governance and transparency in regulation, and deepen financial markets".

The growth sightings and forecasts in the IMF report are approving the statement that Africa continues to be one of the best business and investment destinations in the world.
Dubai has hosted a forum, committing to support Africa's growth. At The forum were present CEO's, heads of state and global business leaders, discussing business in Africa, Government policies and steps that should be taken towards the African growth. Participants have agreed to see progress in the next 5 to 10 years.

Africa is growing and so are the business opportunism on the continent. Africa has a young and fast-growing population that offers immense potential